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A Gambian Charity

Run and supported in the UK to develop the healthcare of The Gambia  

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Our Mission

Healthcare workers and other professionals came together in the UK to look at how they could contribute their skills and expertise towards the betterment of the health service in The Gambia. We identified that through collaboration, partnership and the sharing of resources, we could really make a difference.

The object, therefore of the Gambia Healthcare Matters Charity is the promotion of equality and diversity for the public benefit by:

(a) Advancing education and raising awareness in health-related issues.


(b) Promoting activities to foster understanding of prevention, healthy lifestyles, healthy eating between people of Gambian heritage and to their friends and family back in The Gambia.

(c) Cultivating a sentiment in favour of equality and diversity through community development, fundraising, co-commissioning and through sign-posting support.

(d) The relief of sickness by the provision of medical equipment and supplies from the UK, to hospitals, clinics and medical centres in The Gambia.

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About: Mission
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A message from our Chairperson

Dear Friends and Members of GHM (UK)

The Gambia Healthcare Matters Charity Organisation exists purely out of its members love for country, desire and passion to help better The Gambia’s healthcare system for every individual living in or visiting The Gambia.

Dubbed the Smiling Coast of Africa, The Gambia, our beautiful small country on the West African coast is laced with lovely beaches and a mecca for holidaymakers. Our healthcare system however, leaves much to be desired.

For a population of 2 million, for many years our motherland still struggles to compete with its neighbouring countries to have in place, a healthcare system that all can be proud of. People who cannot afford a fee for their treatment in hospital die every day from communicable and non-communicable diseases or wounds which could have been easily managed or treated. Those who can afford it, seek medical help either in the neighbouring country, Senegal or elsewhere in Europe or America, because of the sheer lack of proper medical equipment or medication in the country.

At Gambia Healthcare Matters, we believe health and well-being are crucial for all. It is also our belief that the healthcare of every individual, either citizen, immigrant or visiting tourist matters. We want the dwellers in The Gambia to boast of a healthcare system that has the needed facilities, equipment, medication and human resources that it yearns for a better healthcare provision.

Our aim is to support, by working hand in hand with The Gambia’s Ministry of Health and the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Service providers in the country to help effect change for a better healthcare. We aim to do this by raising funds, gathering necessary equipment and medication to support development of The Gambia, our homeland.

It might be a daunting task, but I believe if we all, either Gambian or person who loves The Gambia, join in, these important goals will soon be a reality. With your help, we can carry out this invaluable humanitarian effort to better serve The Gambia.

At GHM (UK) for The Gambia our homeland, the "Healthcare is Our Concern"

In your service, God Bless

Musa Krubally

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