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Your donations support us to deliver a large variety of projects, supporting the health and wellbeing of the people of Gambia

Gambia Healthcare Matters - How do we help?

Medical supplies donations to hospital in Gambia
Health Education in Gambia
Children from The Gambia

Medical Supplies

Basic medical supplies including; medication, disposable rubber gloves, theatre gowns, aprons, masks, plasters, bandages, are all lacking in our major hospitals and clinics.


GHM (UK) is striving to make these basic necessities readily available.

Click below to read more about Medical Supplies projects.

Health Education

  • To help Gambia access relevant resources on healthy living. 

  • Encouraging access to services and involvement in health decisions.

  • Promoting behavioural change through early detection and prevention.

  • Please click here for information about malaria control and prevention. 

Click below to read more about Health Education projects.

Health Promotion

GHM (UK) promotes healthy lifestyles across the communities, rural and urban to help control and prevent diseases.

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Mobility Equipment for donation to Gambian hospital
The Gambia Red Cross Society
Gambian Health Matters live event

Living with Disability Support

Disability and other impairments have long been a challenge for some individuals to live a normal life due to lack of appropriate equipment and support.


GHM (UK), as a matter of priority, endeavour to support identified disadvantaged individuals in every community.

Click below to read more about Impairment Support projects.

Partnership Work

GHM (UK) is working collaboratively with partners in The Gambia and within the UK to address the needs of hospitals and clinics.


High on the agenda is the provision of a clean and healthy hospital and clinic environments with comfortable wards.

Click below to read more about  Partnership Work projects.

Support and Advice

• To provide medical supplies to hospitals aimed at improving the health of the Gambian population.

• Promote hygiene education in reducing the risk of communicable disease.

• Promote social, physical and cultural wellbeing by creating a healthier choice for the Gambian population.

Click below to read more about Support and Advice projects.

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